The Late Dr.Yaakov Goldman (1930-2008)

Former Head, Propulsion and Combustion Lab (1989-1995)

Biographical Data

  • b. former U.S.S.R 1930.
  • B.Sc., Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys, 1953.
  • M.Sc., Moscow University, 1967.
  • D.Sc., Moscow  institute of Aeronautical Technology, 1968.
  • Research  institute of Energetics, Moscow, 1955-1972.
  • at technion since 1973.

Main Interests

  • Liquid solid fuel gas combustion
  • Heat transfer
  • Thermodynamics
  • Industrial heating

Selected Publications

  • “Temperature measurment in combustors by use of suction pyrometry”, Combust. Sci. and Techn., 55 pp. 4-6, 1989.
  • “Volatilization and Burning of Pulverized Coal, with Radiation Heat Transfer Effects in Counter Flow Combustor”, Combust. Sci. and Techn., 64, p. 1-17, 1989 (with J.B Greenberg).
  • “Oscillating Gas-Temperature Measurment Using Suction and Compensation for off-Radiation Losses”, 9th International Heat Transfer Conf., 1990, Hemisphere Publishing Corp(with G. Gadiot).
  • “Heat and Mass Transport Problems in Thermal Barrier Coating of Coal Fired Gas Turbine Blades”, International Heat Transfer Conf., 1990, Hemisphere Publishing Corp(with E. Shvarzshtein and Y.M Timnat).
  • “Competition between thermophoretic deposition and erosion loading to appearance of steady coating”, J. of Aerosol Science, 23, 2, 1992 (with Libis and J.B Greenberg).