Mark Goldman

Tel: 972-4-829-4970
Cell: 972-54-624-6626
Fax: 972-4-829-5656

Biographical Data

  • Date of birth: 16.12.1946
  • M.Sc. Moscow Institute of Radio Engineering, Electronics and Automatics, USSR
  • Team leader Institute NIICHIMMASH of Russian Aerospace Agency (the Federal Test Center of Space Technologies) Department of information-measuring systems

Main Interests

  • Rocket, ramjet and scramjet propulsion
  • Measurements of the physical parameters at the tests of rocket engines.
  • Analysis of the results of experiments.
  • Estimation of the accuracy of measurements.
  • Have participated in development and introduction of new methods of measurements.
  • Tests to approve the above methods for practical application in space.

Selected Publications

  • The author of many scientific and technical reports in the field of testing heat-proof materials.
  • Reports in scientific journals.
  • Presented papers in scientific and technical conferences about my work.
  • Five authorized certificates as an inventor of new methods for “Measurement of physical characteristics by electric methods.”